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If you're wondering what I offer...

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Beautiful brand design and an aesthetically pleasing, functional website are a formidable duo in shaping your small business...

When your website and branding is perfectly aligned with your product, services and your personality, they communicate exactly who you are to your ideal client. 

Combined, they harness a power to draw your dream clients in...and that is true magic...

Show me how you've shaped other brands...

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"Jenna worked super hard to create a new brand identity for me, and to update my website to reflect my new branding and brand direction. She also created numerous PDF brochures for me, which I have been able to utilise when discussing my services and  packages with prospective clients. Not only that, but Jenna has provided invaluable mentor support in areas such a social media marketing, pricing and more...allowing me to elevate my brand and position myself into the market in a more meaningful way"

Kelly Stephenson, Found Collective
Services: Brand Design, Website Update, PDF Brochure Design

"Absolutely perfect! Jenna worked with me to get everything the way I wanted; great communication and quality work! Thank you so much! Love, love my logos!"

Abigail Rostron, The Clay Bar
Services: Off The Peg Branding