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Building Your Brand on Social Media

Do you ever feel like building your brand is taking forever? Well, it’s tough to say but creating a thriving business doesn’t happen overnight. It has taken me almost 6 years to develop and grow my two businesses…and for the longest time, I thought I only needed to post on Instagram and talk about all the clients I had been working with...but building your business goes way beyond just sharing client work. A huge chunk of growing your business is actually showing up across multiple social media platforms.

And I quite literally mean…showing up! It took me two years to build up the courage to actually have my photograph taken professionally, but I noticed a huge change in my business activity once I had actually embraced getting my face out there. I needed to let my clients and followers really know me rather than just being a set of hands typing from behind a screen.

In this day in age, especially following the global pandemic, we as people need to SEE others. We need to bounce off of good energy and vibes, and we want to forge connections with the people we book with or buy from. And there is no doubt that social media is the best, and cheapest, way to give people an insight into our lives and our personalities. So lets take Instagram for example…here are four easy ways to break the mould and wriggle free from the constraints of posting straight up client content:

1. Reels…get into it! You may hate it at first, but reels are SO fun and SO interactive for your followers/prospective clients. Here are 3 simple ideas to get you started:

  • Share a couple of tips! Free VALUABLE snippets to get your audience interested and involved

  • A day in the life! Why not show your followers what a day in your life as a business owner looks like?

  • Show your favourite process! Explain what you do, how you do it and how you perfected your technique!

2. Show your face! Tell your audience some fun or interesting facts about you, and tell them more about your backstory. Let them know who you are and what makes you tick!

3. Show your workspace! Is it messy? Or is it super tidy? What is your favourite part of your desk or workspace? What is the view from your window? What items do you keep close by to inspire you or keep you on task?

4. Tell your audience about new products you have coming out, or new services you’ll be offering soon! Get them engaged and wanting to know more!

Honestly…I wish people would have told me just how much there is to being a business owner! But by designating time to certain tasks (like showing up on social media), your business can and will grow, and by always showing up in new and fun ways, you’ll have a blast along the way with it.

Photography: Jessica Mary


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