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Colour Palettes I Love Right Now

If you are anything like'll feel inspired and emboldened by colour. Colour palettes are one of my key inspiration sources, and I love how different colours make you feel. And whilst I do subscribe to colour theory, I can sometimes be a bit of a maverick when bringing colour palettes together!

For the most part, I am drawn to natural, bohemian colours; warm biscuit tones, cinnamon shades and creams/beiges. But more and more, I am loving a shot of the unexpected...lilac and lime green mixed with earthier tones, and swathes of reds, pinks and oranges mingled together. Here, I have created my five favourite palettes for June/July 2022...I hope you love them!

Earth Lessons:

Natural biscuit and cream tones, paired with pink shades...this palette reminds me of the Aussie outback, with all the rich colours of the earth, in all it's glory!

Lemon & Lime Cordial

A combination of earthy greens and tangy yellow...a smattering of retro vibes, which bring back memories of lazy Sunday afternoons as a kid!

50s Diner:

It might be the red tones or the zingy yellow...whatever it is, this palette is a 50s American-style Diner! Wouldn't you agree? One hamburger and milkshake coming up!

Corporate, But Not:

With the teal and grey-ish tones, this palette could give off rigid, corporate vibes. But with the subtle peach and mossy green pairings, the colour combination lifts and suddenly feels a little more fun!

Pink Zing:

I love how the pink tone works with the brightness of the green; such a beautiful and uncommon pairing which is beautifully complemented by the rest of the natural tones!


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