• Jenna

Why talking about YOU is a good thing...

I used to find it really difficult to talk about myself. Being my own cheerleader was an alien concept. I'd picked up some bad habits whilst working my ad agency role in London; as a business, the focus was always on how we made our company appear bigger than what it was in order to secure the bigger contracts. So naturally, when I went full time with Wonderland Invites, I focused on 'we' and 'our' instead of referring to myself as 'me' and 'I'.

It didn't serve me well. Engagement wasn't great and I just wasn't anchoring in my ideal client. I knew that I needed to shift my tone of voice and I really needed to own my space better.

Accepting that I was my strongest asset and allowing people to see that it was just little old me driving my business forward made me not only relatable, but it also allowed my clients to understand that they were receiving a tailored and personal experience. And over time, I began to find the confidence to have wonderful photographers capture me working and in lifestyle poses in order to get my face out there too.

I get it. Self-deprecation is second nature to many of us. Humans have been utterly self-deprecating for so long that it's practically a way of life...so tipping ourselves on our heads and installing ourselves as our own personal cheerleaders isn't entirely a comfortable thing to do...but leaning into my discomfort and having the guts to be proud of my achievements gave my business the oomph it needed to grow. I guess the biggest thing that comes from talking about yourself candidly and openly as a business owner, is the self belief it gives you. The self belief to do more, experiment more, collaborate more...and of course, win and lose more (because we all know the failures are important to acknowledge too).

If you are a micro or small business owner, but have yet to embrace your role in your business completely...step up and talk about you more. Get on Instagram stories, book a brand shoot...show your ideal clients who you are and be proud of the fact you are the driving force of your small business.

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