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Hey, I'm




My hair rarely looks this good!

I'm a 30-something mum of two, who

is super passionate about quite a few things... great design and marketing being just two of them!

I'm a citizen of the world and I love nothing more than to explore new places...always with a keen eye for the next best place to eat!

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More about me

Oh and I'm a sucker

for houseplants...

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originally hail from the UK -

Essex by way of Manchester...and a few places in between. I've always loved to travel and my job has given me the freedom to explore whilst allowing me to focus on

my clients and their needs.

I am a fierce mama bear to my babies, an absolute coffee fiend, a lover of the great outdoors and a

total nerd for all things history.

Can cook. Can't bake. 

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My ethos...

If you're looking to work with someone who is passionate about small business, has real world experience in design, marketing, sales and strategy, and has built their own brand from the bottom up...then you're in the right place.

Efficiency, aesthetics and the ability to harness the uniqueness of your brand are my areas of expertise...coupled with the knowledge of how to market your product or service in a fast paced world, I am confident that I can help you elevate your business.