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A creative, energetic and passionate brand & website design studio based in Australia...working with brands globally.


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Meet Jenna; an enthusiastic Brand and Web Designer dedicated to empowering you through brand strategy & identity, and website elevation.




Music Lover.

I'm a 30-something mum of two, who is super passionate about creating and designing. I love to travel, cook and chill out watching period dramas (where are my Bridgerton fans?). I adore music; from Fleetwood Mac, John Mayer and The Beatles, to Doja Cat, Lizzo and Harry Styles.


I originally hail from the UK; Essex by way of Manchester to be precise…with a few places in between! I've always loved to travel and learn about new cultures, and my job has given me the freedom to explore. I love being able to focus on my clients and their needs from wherever I am based. We now live in Australia...Adelaide, but we plan to head to Melbourne in 2023.

If you're looking to work with someone who is passionate about small business, has real world experience in marketing and design, and has built their own brand from the bottom up...then you're in the right place. I launched my first multi-award winning business, Wonderland Invites, back in 2015 and diversified into branding and website design in 2019.


Efficiency, aesthetics and the ability to harness the uniqueness of your brand are my areas of expertise...coupled with the knowledge of how to market your product or service in a fast paced world, I am confident that I can help you elevate your business.


Great design makes you feel good things.

The Wonderbrand Philosophy...


Your branding should embody you and your business. It should look, feel and read as you and let your ideal client know exactly what they are buying into and who they are buying from. I am here to encourage you to really think about your unique selling points, and how you differ from others. I want you to hit the ground running with your all-encompassing brand identity and be confident in your visual aesthetic. 


Working in the marketing and advertising industries taught me one thing about people…it’s so important to find people who are on your wavelength. In a world where we’re encouraged to compete in virtually everything we do, I’m passionate about creating and cultivating spaces where community is more important than competition. I’m all about the positive vibes and genuine interactions.


Burnout is a common problem, especially in the creative and entrepreneurial industries. Add to the mix a pandemic, and we’ve been pushed to the edge in the past few years. I advocate for growth, relaxation and time spent on honing and improving our skillsets; taking time to create space to manifest our dreams and cultivate our creativity, in order to fulfil our fullest potential.

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