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The Five W's...About Me

The Five W's is a questioning tool I utilise for all of my client projects; five simple but meaningful prompts to better understand target market thought processes and, ultimately, how to progress with a brief in the most creative, emotive and fulfilling way possible. But what are the Five W's? Well, I am going to use them to tell you more about me!

First up...WHO?

Who is a two pronged question...who are you, and who do you serve?

Hi! My name is Jenna and I am a 30-something mum of two. I am a designer, creator, stylist, dreamer and lifelong history nerd. My pronouns are she/her, and I am an empath through and through. I'm originally from the UK, but I now live in Adelaide, South Australia. I used to work in London, for a TV network and then an advertising and marketing agency, but I quit the 9-5 to do what I do now!

As part of my two businesses I serve two key client bases; 25-35 year old professional, engaged couples for Wonderland Invites, and female small entrepreneurs/business owners for The Wonderbrand.


What do you do, quite simply? What do you offer, service-wise?

So what is it I actually do? Well...the answer to that is two-fold. I actually started working for myself full-time in 2017 as part of my other business; Wonderland Invites; a full-service wedding stationery and signage business. I began weaving my brand and website design magic for clients in 2019 for The Wonderbrand, drawing upon my extensive experience in marketing and advertising. At the crux of it all...I am a self-taught designer with a passion for modern, boho design. I love gorgeous typography, shapes and textures, and I am a sucker for a great colour palette. I love to learn, and I love to expand my knowledge across all aspects of print, graphic design, website design/processes, colour theory, and emotive marketing.

I offer two services as part of The Wonderbrand: Brand Identity Design & Strategy and a combined service which includes Brand Identity Design + Strategy and Website Design.


When do you do what you do? Do you offer seasonal based services, or are you evergreen?

I work most days in some form...I'm a bit of a workhorse, and I love what I do. And my work is pretty much evergreen; I offer branding and design services all year round, with a short break over the Christmas & New Year period so I can recuperate and revitalise my brain!


Where are you based? Where do you work/where do you service?

I am based in Melbourne, Australia...but since I work remotely and don't have a fixed location/office, I work with people from all over the world. Largely my clients are based in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, UK and Europe. I tend to utilise Zoom or Skype to meet with clients, and operate mostly via email. I have worked through lots of streamlining processes to ensure that I can work seamlessly from any location or country, providing I have internet access!

And lastly...


What is you why? Why do you do what you do? Is it for financial freedom, location freedom or so that you can fit in work around your family?

My why is two-fold really...I love to be able to pick up my work and move as and when I need to. I love to be able to head to a different city for a week or two and take my work with me...knowing I can always service my clients. My other why is my family; with my current setup, I am able to do all those important things that a mum likes to do; school pick ups, playdates, trips to the museum, etc. And I can do all of these things largely unhindered.

Those two 'whys' allow me to work in a creative industry, by my own rules and to the beat of my own drum; servicing clients on the branding/website side who have that same drive and passion. And that, in a world where the corporate lifestyle isn't always best suited, is so important to me! It's important for my clients to know me, and know that I am passionate about small business and entrepreneurship; I want them to know they can trust me, and that I am going to work hard for them, so they can achieve more of their dreams.

Thinking about your business, what are your Five W's? Are you communicating your business to the best of your ability in order to showcase your services, your ethos and your passion for your work? If you think you might be missing out on a few W's...get in touch, lets chat!


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